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Whore (feat. Joey Silvera)


You fuckin whore
You're such a whore
You fuckin whore
You fuckin whore
You're such a whore
You fuckin whore
I might not buy you shit, but I'll never deny you dick
Suck on my cock until your tongue is too tired to lick

I'm a sex legend
Fuckin you like I injected ephedrine
Pump your ass like a jackhammer connected to your rectum
Nothing's affecting my erection
Unless you're in need of dexatrim and your complexion is infected skin
I wanna hear confessions, bitch, obsessions
Lessons, questions, sexual suggestions
Would you like some refreshments? Some breath mints?
'Cause I plan on tonguing you while molesting your intestines
You contain the essence of the profession
Known as prostitution my first impression is you'd be excellent
Your estrogen is like mescaline
If you're not douching your twat, smells like pollution a pestilent specimen
Necro is smooth especially when making the move
On you removing your clothes whether or not you approve
Don't feel aggression after the molesting
I'd have Gwyneth Paltrow eating Alpo
My deception is for fucking (overlaps into the chorus)


You're exotic lookin
Your twat is hot like narcotics cookin
You should use your body for hookin
Your pussy is like a spot in Brooklyn
New York is full of vagina predators
For fetishes for sluts with pedicures
You're naked bitch
Smack your pussy lubricate it with spit
I'm rapin your clit
You're making faces like you're taking a shit
Sexual narcissist
Nibbling where your college is
Sucking your pussy for juices like oranges
Stenchin like the deceased in the morgue
The second I walk into the door
I can smell your pussy like a police dog
Let's see how many dicks we can fit in Mariah
Rub her cunt fast like a cave man rubbing sticks for fire
The plan is to shove you into the back of a van
Bitches screaming with high pitches like a Michael Jackson fan
Better yet like Michael himself
That fucking faggot pedophile should get beaten to death with a ????
[overlaps into the chorus]


If I had Donald Trump's cash I'd have a plump ass
Everyday, sucking um and fucking um with no scumbags
Because I'm a scumbag and yo bitch you're a cunt rag
A fuckin dumb hag with fun bags
Every shit is perverse
When the minister squirts
Put on one of your miniskirts
And I'm-a fuck you in a church
How can you get a bitch?
An alcoholic beverage
Is the leverage in getting a bitch to undress and show you a crevice
This will never miss it's definite
You want to touch the flesh of a tit?
Listen to this professional shit
Put something in her drink that she could digest in a sip
Something that'll dissolve quick so she won't think she's being tricked
There's narcotics that will make a female feel erotic
Have her sucking cock like she's a demonic psychotic
Your relationships starts out platonic
Next thing you know she's on it

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