1. 1

    Nerdie - Burning 4 U

  2. 2

    Nerdie - Gonna Be

  3. 3

    Nerdie - It's The Way

  4. 4

    Nerdie - Let Me Go

  5. 5

    Nerdie - Over You

  6. 6

    Nerdie - Set Me Free

  7. 7

    Nerdie - Slimy

  8. 8

    Nerdie - Suffer

  9. 9

    Nerdie - What If



Sun comes shining thru the door, but you painted devils on my wall. Sometimes you're crazy, sometimes mad. Everytime you come you make me sad. Children playing outside, they're making a lot of noise, I will sleep thru the night, then I'll make my choice. Sleeping in my room all alone, wishing I could be unknown. Memories are fading from my mind, suddenly I hear a voice inside. Yesterday was heaven, today is hell, I hope you get better, I hope you get well. I know you hear me just stay away.

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