Turning Tricks

New Bomb Turks

I'm turning tricks.
Yeah it's time to turn.
Turn the candlestick,
it's time to burn.
Burn out too quick
and you could get burned.

See I can be a whore,
make a letter pimp.
Watch the deal go down,
take the money in.
Piss it all away
on a drunken whim.
I'm turning tricks.

Turning head, turning tail, turning tricks.
Turning keys, turning heels, turning tricks.
Turning blue, turning black, turning tricks.

Mary Magdalena mad Jesus think
there's salvation in a paper's wink.
Judas got the boot.
Mary kissed the feet.

Well I can kiss feet too
but I'd rather dance.
There's no apology in this tramp's pants.
Just more come-on lines
than you can shake your finger at.
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