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Let Me Take Your Heart

New System

Everytime I look in your eyes
I feel something strange
But everytime that I try to touch you
You run away from me
How can I be close to you
This is all I wanna do
You should never be afraid about my love
Without you I was alright
Just wanna be by your side
You should be trusting me
And give it all to me

Let me take your heart, uh oh oh oh oh
Let me be your guard
Let my hands around you tonight, uh oh oh oh oh
You cannot deny it
You and me together oh oh

When in love I was lost
And I didn't even know my name
Now you're back but you're not surrending
So what else can I do
My love will tell you no lies
For you I would compromise
Nobody ever saw me do this thing before
So please just let me express
Without you I'm in a mess
You should be trusting me
And give it all to me

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