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O Lament


There's a gate with a lock and two high walls
All around me are all - seeing eyeballs
And there's a guard with a gun should i run
Should i run, should i run
There's a small patch of grass that i've handled
Through the gaps in the bars left a candle
And there's a lapse when the guards switch their watches
No one watches, no one wathces

O lament, o lament - my savior awaits me there
O lament, o lament - why if i die should i care?

There's a day i remember so clearly
It's the day when the spirit moved near me
And there's unfinished work to attend to
To attend to: i intend to
There's a night that i chose for a reason
It's got to do with the moon and the season
But there's a guard wit ha gun should i run
Should i run, should i run?

O lament...

There's a shot ringing out from the tower
Now i'm drawn to the ground by some power
And there's a light through it's long past the hour

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