Lazy Sunday


It's a lazy Sunday, and i'm stayin' inside;
to watch Good Morning LA.

As I notice the birds are tweetin',
with the sun creepin ,
out of my window.

I'll cook you some breakfast, sunny-side up,
but you just lay there and don't you get up.
Gonna hit the town, down around two,
so when the one hits the 30 thats your cue.
To get movin', we gotta get movin',
or were you sayin', you wanted to stay at the Day-Inn?
and leave the rest up to me and you.

It's a lazy Sunday, and were going outside;
let's not waste this beautiful day.

I see you layin',
you really wanna be playin',
to show a little displayin' of love.

We'll toss and turn, as you listen and learn,
as we lay on the bed.
Don't fall asleep, dont count your sheep,
even if it may be 10 to 2.

But just remember it's me and you time;
your more than a friend, like my partner in crime.
Just go to bed, thats alright;
I'll stay up and make sure the bed bugs wont bite.

It's a lazy sunday, and were going to bed;
say goodnight to the moon.

You can use your imagination,
for tonight's vacation,
'till monday afternoon.
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