Closer To The Heart Of God

Nicol Smith

I've chased my share of dreams
Enough to know
Some dreams are like stars
For the moment out of reach but always there
As shining lights to guide the heart
And standing here I see

Every road I ever traveled in my search for the truth
Has always lead me back to knowing and loving You

With all my heart, my soul, my strength
With every longing every dream
Faith like a river to the sea
Run through my soul and carry me
To the place I want ot be
Closer to the heart of God

Anytime I stop and listen
In between every beating of my heart
You are always calling me to come
And even when I wander far
In the everlasting arms of the One
Who loves me so
And resting on the promise
That You'll never let me go

Repeat Chorus

Let every precious breath of air
Every moment, every prayer
Let the journey take me there
Let it take me there

Repeat Chorus
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