Redneck Rampage

Nixon Mojo

Well Bubba and Leonard
Were listening to Skynyrd
When the moonshine exploded

So thay fired there guns
Started to run
And then everybody reloaded

Got to the truck
To go get drunk
And chain guzzle cans of hot beer

When outta nowhere
There stood a bear
But they only hit a deer

Thay got little bitty brains
And great big guns

I'm on a Redneck Rampage
Tearing up the Everglades
I'm on a Redneck Rampage
Huntin' down Jimmy Page

Got some Dunamite
In case there's a fight
And a big 'ole whup ass stick

Love to uck dance
Can't stand France
And Martha Stewart makes me sick

I'm a fart lightin' fool
Kicked outta school
My family tree is a stump

Real minimum wage renegade
Master of the snipe hunt

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