Baby It Works For Me

No Secrets

Something went wrong now she's gone
Baby don't stress it baby don't second guess it
Don't look down turn yourself around
Baby I'm waiting with something I've been saving
To let you go she must have been a fool
Cause noone's ever made me feel the way you do

Whenever we touch
I can barely breathe
I'm telling you honestly
Baby it works for me
Heaven knows why
She set you free
Look in my eyes you'll see
Baby it works for me, your love it works for me

I know what you need to believe in me
I'm taking it slowly giving you time to know me
Cause noone's kiss could ever get me like this
Making me crazy that's what you do my baby

To let you go she must have been insane
Cause noone's ever, ever made me feel this way


Take it take your sweet time
Stay in these arms of mine
You can trust in the two of us
So hard to control myself
When I want you and noone else
You're everything, everything to me
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