Nobody's Angel


We're gonna take you back, to the way it used to be, when a love song, was a love song


You have got to have the bluest eyes I've ever seen
And when I wake from dreamin' I am screamin' out your name
Yes I must confess
You simply are the best
And there's no point denyin'
When you're lyin' by my side

It's more than just a crush
everytime we touch
Oh baby you know you make me feel brand new
Like there's been no-one else but you
For the first time I feel
This could be the last time
I'm real
Falling, in love

For a thousand years
I hope to stay right here
Wrapped up all around you
So glad I found you and I did
You make me feel so pure
Like you're some kinda cure
Baby you're my healer
You heart-stealer of a man


Hold me, baby 'cause you know me
Every single touch
It's more than just a crush
Baby, yeah
Reach me, only you can see me
And what I crave so much
It's more than just a crush


For a thousand years.
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