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Caught in a dream
Of everything we used to be
Remembering all you would say
The somedays that never came to be

Nothing can mend
The agony under my skin
I need you right here with me
Why can't you see
You're everything I believe

Calling your name as it swallows me in
The emptiness aching to breathe you again
Only the sound of your voice can save me now

Is this the end of everything
Lost in the bends of disbelief
Hoping to find in my mind
The will to survive

How could you leave me here
To live with this constant fear
That you'll never come back
And suddenly I can't even breathe

I can feel it pull me under now
So far down
Sacrifice the nothing left inside
Can you hear me
Will you let me go all alone
Falling away
I am falling away
Come to me or leave me here to drown

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