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This Isn't Love

Nocturnal Me

She wants to take me home and turn me onto something new
Don't wanna be alone
but baby don't be desperate
Eager as a fever makes me sick the way I make you
I wouldn't act so fast if this was destiny
If it was hiding I would seek
If you took it I would leave it
Its hard to forget how to play hard to
If you were coming I would see it
If I knew it I would speak it
chase not choose
Its not your fault cause you know...

Its a shame
never gave us something to believe in
If this was love
I would say
Its in
our best interest to keep it
But this isn't love
This isn't love
This isn't
love if you don't need it

Don't wanna sleep around but nothing really left to
I'm sick of being alone and feeling so neglected
Used to be particular
about the company I kept
Just looking to obtain a slice of ecstasy
If it was
running I would chase it
If it's drawn than I would trace it
It's hard to
forget how to play hard to get
If it was slipping I would grab it
If its
served than I would have it
Nothing left to lose
Its not my fault cause you

You look so damn familiar
Sa sin I cant remember
Where I was or what
I did
I can't recall the half of it
Just like a modern Thriller
Some soul
but mostly filler
I cannot blame myself, it's such a bitch cause you know...
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