Abolition of Idolatry


600 years before Christ
The high priest Hilkiah he found a special book
It was the Book of the Law of the God of their forefathers
And a scribe read it out to the King of Judah

So the king, Josia commanded to read it out
Before all the inhabitants of Jerusalem
And the priests and the prophets
All the people, small and great
And read in their ears all the words of the Book

(Abolition of Idolatry)

And the king Josia made a covanant before the almighty God
To walk after Him and to keep His commandments
With all their heart and all their soul
To perform the words of this covenant
That was written in the Book

And now the king burned all the vessels
That were made for Baal
He killed all the priests of Baal and also those
Who worshipped the sun, the moon, the constellations
And he brought out the Ashera
Out of the house of the Lord
And burned it and ground it into dust

After destroying all idolatry
The king Josiah commanded all the people saying:
Celebrate the Passah to the Lord your God
As it is written in the Book of the Covant

(Abolition of Idolatry)
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