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Nokturnal Mortum

Once in Ukraine the cannons where roaring
True heroes knew how to rule
With swords they conquered freedom and glory
The glory washed in the rivers of the blood

Once in Khortitza they were building stronghold Sich
Defended our land and gave their lives for it
Upon the Aryan honor and enemies' bones
We shall lead the true way to the glorious? Iriy? Valhalla

Pure heart filled with Aryan blood
Let it beat and let heroic archetypes arise
The spirit yearning to battle
Forever be with you

In your purest blood
It's in your family
It's in your fatherland
It's still alive

And shall shine again in the native Ukraine
Raise your swords the way up high to hail the Sun
It's death or victory
These are two ways that lie before our choice

White race would be the highest goal
The warriors of Galychina
Is an? Avaging? Blade in strong Slavonic hands
You were stoped one step before the victory

Now it's our turn to realize your dreams
Betrayal stood upon your way
Red butchers destroyed our land
And now Jewisk pest dominates
Brother hold your weapons firm
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