You're My Sunshine

Norman Blake

The other night dear, as I ley sleepin´ I dreamed I held you in my arms When I awoke dear, Iwas mistaken So I hung my head and i cryed Ref.: You are my shinshine my only sunshine you make me happy when sky is gray You never know dear how much I loved you Please don´t take my sunshine away I always love you and make you happy If your were only say the same But if you leave me and love another You regreted all some day Ref.: You are ... You told me once dear, you realy loved And no one could come between But now you´ve leaved me to love another you have shattered all my dreams Ref.: You are ... In all my dreams dear you seam to leave me When I awake my poor heart vains so when you come back to make me happy I´ll forgive dear I´ll take alll the blame Ref.: You are ...

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