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Requiem (I Will Honour Thy Name)


[The prince:]
My dear father you have left us
For a better place to be
The people's tears are falling
But they still just cannot see
That Hister is so evil
He's destroying our country
It seems to be so hard to understand that you are gone
Will the future bring, your wisdom to me
Or will darkness rule the kingdom, for all eternity

You will live, in my heart
I will still remember even though we're apart
I will feel, you're there for me
As I walk the road of life you'll help me fight for what is right
I will honour thy name

[Solo Jake]

Eventhough you didn't wanted
You've left me all alone
Everybody turns against me
They believe that I'm the one
Who poisoned you, my father
You know that it's not true
Oh, I see, it was the prophet
To take the power away from you

Will the future... You will live... You will live...

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