One time long ago i ripped myself up, put on my
Lipstick said i'm gonna give this shit up, i fear what
I gots to fear, cause it's ntohign that i fear in
Something, i am yellow piss ina pipe dream, this rocks
For you i meanj, i am this and you are that, cause
It's something what i have is nothing

I can't live in this world, time beats you crush your
Soul, laugh at your breathing eyes, cut my throat
Downtime why me

I'll wait there for you

That time was long ago i still rip myself up, took off
My lipstick and i didn't give the shit up, i feared
What i had to fear, still it's nothing that i fear in
Something, i am little boy in a wet dream, this g.i.
Joe it seems, ill share this and you share that, cause
In something i have nothing

Kill myself on my knees, why i try my disease, i bleed
To take these pills, slit my wrist downtime why me

I'll wait there for you

This old man please die i fall deeper, toys of mine
Broken i'll buy new toys, this bitch won't play with
Me i could hurt her, this old trend dies one more
Harder dont tell me i'm wrong you didn't live this
With me, when i have my own cause it could've been,
Would've been this is my own
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