Jump jump here beat 2 da beat jump jump there beat 2 da beat
Jump jump here and there beat 2 da beat like you just don't care jump!

[Repeat A]

Come on and move your shoulders and stretch out, and stop time
Don't worry about other people.. are you tired? You're the coolest
everywhere you go!
Are you happy with your life? Have the guts to start it over
I want you to forget about yesterday, and shout out like this (Hey!)

[Repeat A twice]

Look around and see yourselves, don't look down and don't look back
Look inside and change yourself, don't worry about what others think
Don't psyche yourself out, look at me, and stretch out your arms
Don't go back to the past but come to me, fly with me, and see what
it's like to start again
Listen to the melody you know so well. That's what I'm trying to tell

Don't remember, forget it all (Video killed the radio star)
Forget your worries (Video killed the radio star)
Don't hide away, but come to me (Video killed the radio star)
And find me today (Video killed the radio star)
And sing out:

Video killed the radio star [x4]

[Repeat A twice]
[Repeat B]
[Repeat chorus]

Video killed the radio star [x8]
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