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Thank You Angel

November Blessing

Chorus #1
I've had this feeling for a while
I've built this armor so thick i can't smile
My hearts still beating, no tears from my eyes
The broken tile
to the broken tile that you left me
the broken tile but please tell me

Tell me x4
why my hearts still beating?
Tell me x4
Why i'm still breathing.

(Chorus #1)

Tell me why i don't feel a thing
Tell me why i'm not afraid to die
show me that i still have a heart
Oh My God my vision starts to blurr tonight
breathing deeply and start to cry...

Chorus #2
I haven't had this feeling in a while
My armor has dropped and you made me smile
Then i start bleeding, these tears from my eyes
to the bright white tile
on the floor of heaven where you must be
thank you angel i have feelings

Tell me x4
How i lived with out you
Tell me x4
that you love me too

Just tell me that you love me too cause angel
I love you.
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