Nu Theory

How are you?
Have you many things to lose?
Are you happy living this way?

No one scar
The shelter you feel all time
I would love to live this way
Forever serenity

But throe without end live in my mind
Seems no one else cares
About their mediocre lives
I`ve tried respect your commodity
But closing my mouth
I kill my reasons to live

Day so cold
Nothing has down through their throat
Living in meddle of nowhere

Trying no to die
In this parallel goddamn life
There`s no one outstretched hand
Besides of my poor friends

Can you to live this way, in this poor life
Eating what left, fallen, discredited
The fall of both show us how is sick our kind
A thousand lights turned off, covered by evil dust

I am proud to be alone
In this sea of stupid minds
I am swimming against the tide
'cause my spirit speaks louder
Peaceful world won`t come for us
Cause we are not seeking for
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