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Human Times

Nu Theory

In the sunrise the life was so warmed
And was enough what's gave for us
Absolutely we were grateful to live
But now is not this scene that I see

The cold of night, have been freaking to me
The false wisdom became insane
And try carries me

Try but I keep my own alive
I would feel alive if I could
Spread for all that mind
That arise me higher
I feel this love all time
Inside me

Human talents becoming tragedy
We are free but we'd rather be slaves
Born in a place that's is out of understanding
Even so we can bring this to gray

And realize, what we've made not to make
And the spirit of avenge
Have tried carries me

I cannot feel the strings pulling my arms
No my legs or my head or my mind
Even with the five senses we can do this
And have courage to question the existence

The reason I am drying my tears again
Is the filth I breathe and see all time
While I'm waiting for human times
While I'm waiting for human times
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