Its hypnotizing, the way that they all stare at you
Its agonizing, my hypocrisy
Why must the mind be driven to attain that which is so unattainable
It drives me insane
Why can't the heart feel full without a thing

Oh it makes me laugh
Taking chances on all you have
Never mind the poor choice you made
All that's left is yourself to blame

If i had the choice, i'd end it all right now
I'd end it all
We'd end it all

If only i could murder love

Turn around
Walk the other way and tell yourself that its ok
Get past this mental state of selfishness and run away
As far as you can tonight
Run away from the temptation within your mind

Excuses, excuses
We've all heard them before
I understand that broken land where you are
We're all guilty of it
We've all been the ones up to our necks in obsession
But all i ask: was it a mask, or was it real?

If i had the choice, i'd end it all right now
I'd murder love
Murder love
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