Island Warrior


Plenty mangi tumas
I go lo kalabus taim ol i strap yangpela yet
Mama, papa i poor yet
Na oli karai tumas i bilong ol sa'i stap ret i say

Keep the youth out of the prison
To many young island warriors in the cell ah
Help them choose the right style of living
Sick of seeing young brother spend their life in hell

The island that you love
Has never been more far away from you
Some of you get out some day
The other ones have a sky that is never blue
I hollar out to those island boys spendin years in a penitentiary
Stay strong and never forget about your island home in the pacific sea

We must be the modern day warriors
With no place in this new hi tech society
I just wanna pick my own mango
And sit and eat it underneath a palm tree by the sea
But when i moved into the big city
Complications overcame me so i lived illegally
Found myself in this captivity
South pacific on my mind and desire to be free
Plenty mangi tumas insait kalabus
Nau ol marimari pinis tasol ol i pas olgeta waio

Ol kalabusim mi long kalabus america
Mi robb'em onepela man na oli bin pasim ni nau
Mama, papa ol i wariwari lo mi
Talol now me strap free over sea i say

I was thinking that id never get out let out a shout
Home sick for me island why did i choose this route
Come out 2 and a 1/2 yrs later a changed man
In a different land lord can you help me understand
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