Music For A Nurse


And a piece of the pictures bitten right out of the middle
I'm alone and thinner I feel
Is this a prayer?
Anaesthetise me just just til you return

I feel the loss like a squandered opportunity to whisper
You're all we ever needed

Oh shapes fall into place
For once in a life you make
A clean breakaway

And did you know
That everything you touch is blessed and all the richer
For your love, a better being
And if i display
Just a fraction of the soul you showed in this world
Then i know ill see you again

Oh love so much to give
And too few to share it with
Wastes you away

The dream it comes again and again
You're here
It's you
I pull you close and
Hold you tight
Into the sky you go
You go
And I can't change it
I can't change it
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