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Where there's Smoke there's Fire

Oh, The Story!

Maybe I've been a little bit off lately, but baby we've got all night to get it right.
Maybe I've been a little bit off lately, but my hands are still shaking.
Just hold on, hold on; let's stop so we can start.

I faced my sins, and paid for them. Breath Out! Breath In! But I can't stop my hands from shaking.

I tried to think of what to say upon return from my time away but all I know is that they say, "Where there's smoke there's fire, but I say, "Where there's love there's liars."
And baby I'm burnin' up, I just can't get enough.

We'll take our time and get it right, I'll move slow to the place where you lay your head, tuck you in, and send you off to bed.
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