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Cindy decided to leave her childhood diary under her bed
She burned almost everything except for her wedding ring
Because she threw that in the sea
She hid in her neighbor's yard and watched as the fire scarred
The house she never could leave
It was the prettiest thing she thought she had ever seen
A thing in which to believe

Cindy walked down the street, the smell of the fire so sweet
And she laughed through the smoke
At the end of the block she made one last stop
To make sure she had everything
Awash in the beautiful sound of the old house burning down
She opened her bag
She could have sworn that she took her overdue library books
But they were not to be seen
A knowing smile crossed her face as she remembered the place
Where she left them upstairs
She slowly walked back down the street
And into the burning debris
She couldn't take on any more late fees

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