Why should I worry

Oliver And Company

Drivin'in yo Benz-o
Shined up yo rim-zo
Ashtray full of-
Toss it out the window
Ladys pass just a a**hole
Leavin' nigga f**k yo cash flow
I got my own account
I'll pay them h**s to max it out
I'ma come back for my clothes and come back for my Rolls
You can keep them other h**s
That's how the game goes
And if you didn't know better ask sombody baby
That's goin' treat me like a lady
I gotta Bizounce

I about to bizounce
'Cause I can't take yo s**t no more
Picture frame broken baby
'Cause I can't trust you
I'm ridin' high now
So nigga f**k you

verse 2:
F**k that conversation
I'm throwin' you a letter
Keep them platinum credit cards
Keep all of your chedder
That s**t don't mean nothin' yo me....
'Cause I'm tired of you stressin' me
Scent of purfume in ya clothes
Messin' wit them silly h**s
Got me feelin' miserable
Blowin' up the Henn and coke
Creepin' wit the enemy.....
Boy you don't wanna f**k wit me...
(Don't wanna f**k wit me) (hook)

verse 3:
I ain't never comin' back no more
I know you heard that s**t before
I don't ever wanna see your face
F**k ya I'm gonna make ya hate
Shoulda known what you missed at home
Now you rollin' on wit noone to bone
You ain't never gonna eat doe-doe
Not from this h*e no, no. (hook)
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