Fuck That Shit Bitch

Oman Freestyle

Im gone dethrone as you deepthroat
My town so i'll wear the crown
Im lost and can't be found
You should join ringling brothers
Cause nigga you a clown
I am rap and thats that
I get more pussy than a cat
The shit you spit is whack
Realize when you die you aint comin back
No slack or crack when im bustin a cap
In your ass talk is cheap mo phucka
If you feelin creepy creep
Im sure if your name was tom
Youd peep dont be seen in the street
I'll put you under my feet
And youll rest in pieces bitch
Im like a tic i get under your skin
And when im in your world starts to spin
Im the illusion you call confusion
Your losin and sufferin dillusions
Your ass should be sent to the fringe
With a rubber band and a siringe
You cringe cause your binge
Has singed your persona
Keep me away from your moma
Cause id like to bone her
I break bodies like jesus broke bread
Im dead serious and your seriously dead.
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