Initial Deployment

On The Last Day

Wake up, the walls have softened up (My foxhole's filling up with mud) Please come save me. We dug this hole, we made it safe (Yet now, you're staring down at me) I'll keep reaching.
I won't give up (Because to me it means that much)

(Still fighting, these battles, in our words) (Still fighting, these battles, in our whispers)

We're fighting wars. in our words. In our whispers. So soft they can't be heard. This battle has been lost. This war cannot be won

Discard, every word I said (and I'll still love you just the same) Clear out my head. This world is breaking all around (still you refuse to make a sound) I'm not breathing. Please lift me now

(Do something, call out "man down!")

Pay for your treason. your betrayal. Live in exile for fighting wars like whispers.

Now how do you plead?
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