Don't Believe Them

One More Time

So there you are, where have you been
I have missed you so
I've tried to reach you every day on the telephone
I think you ought to be ashamed just to hide away
You really seem to think that there was no other way
You gave no words of explanation but somebody told me
You've listened to some people who think they know me
It isn't fair that you should hear them out
And it isn't fair that they can make you doubt
You have forgotten everything that I've told you boy
It seems like you have never listened to me at all
I am not giving up that easily, now's the time
To talk it over thoroughly, lay it on the line
We've been together for a year it's grown better and better
And day by day I've felt how we've grown together
What happened to our lovely future plans
Let this summer show that we've still got a chance
Don't believe a word they're saying
'Coz I know it isn't so
Boy decide now who you're trusting
It's either me or them you know
Don't believe a word they're saying
'Coz our love is not a crime
Let our future start this summertime
So many people say it shouldn't be you and me
But worse of all is that our parents, they both agree
We're told our differences in age is a big disgrace
And that we should take their advice and do separate ways
Do you believe them when they say that
We're doomed to failure
Then hear me now as well 'coz baby I tell ya
I know what's valuable and that is you
And I'll feel the same way in the future too
Don't believe a word they're saying... a.s.o.

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