Call It A Story

One Star Story

Can't hear what they're saying to me;
They're right in front of me, and you're so distracting.
I'm looking beyond their faces looking at me;
You're just arriving, and my heartbeats reacting.

Best feeling ever when you first spoke a word to me,
But these past few days (have) been like recovering from sugery.

How did this come and go so fast?
All I have is memories to keep.
I just had the best day of my life,
And I cried myself to sleep.

We walked around for just a little while;
You told me a few times that you liked what I wear.
Everything you said to me, it made me smile;
And just for the record, I love your long hair.

We ran out of time, now you're out of sight.
I'm so sorry that I held you up at the end of the night.
The clock was winding down the second that we met,
But now my hand begins to weaken, and this paper's getting wet.
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