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We Don't Fuckin' Care


We don't fucking care
We don't fucking care
We don't fucking care
Who the fuck in here?

Yeah, I guess I'm the guest of honor
I'm guilty I guess, Your Honor
Why niggas wanna test my honor?
It's honor among thieves, I run with petty crooks
Scheming on niggas like ''yo, that baby shook''
But he looked to the ground when he look him up and down
Be my Brooklyn side, you let the crooks inside
That brothel could be a man's worst killer
I'd rather starve than be a purse stealer
The worst feelers ‘cause we coming from a dark place
I see the light, niggas running up on park place
Every night you got the narc chasing
The feds place every night, it'll have your heart racing
Half my niggas facing time in the system
''Never-gave-a-fuck'' type of niggas don't listen
When you tell 'em ''fall back or you're gonna be a felon''
But they keep on rebelling

We don't fucking care
Who the fuck in here?

Hello, I'm Fergie Fergie, diamond teeth looking pearly
Riding in with the rush a little bit, have mercy
Boy, I could get dirty, you rappers never concern me
Talking about you the best, your vision is getting blurry
Nigga, I'm the god from Trinidad spitting curry
Eating you rapping niggas and spit the stem from the tray
‘Cause you niggas is through, I put you niggas in suits
Popping your top off like you niggas is coupes
You best gonna know my team, my crew niggas is suits
Willie Lynch with the flow, I put you niggas in noose
Get thrown off from roof like you Bishop from Juice
Twenty below Timbs, I'm sporting my Bishop boots
What comes out of that is known as the goose goose
I pew pew, you pume when I'm spraying the perfume
The Devil is wearing Prada, I'll put him in dirt room
The Devil you know you gonna holla, you leaving this Earth soon
Like right about now ‘cause you just passing your curfew

We don't fucking care
Who the fuck in here?

Why should I fucking care? I never had shit
Moms gave birth to me on a pissy mattress
Pops disappeared, nigga taught me mad shit
My idea of fun growing up was doing bad shit
The first slicks that I hit was four laps
No friends, I come around a niggas' whole ass
As far as I can remember I've been on the wrong path
I would rob PETA and take all poor cash
Though I'm glad I was born ‘cause I like that
Where all them sheisty niggas? Gotta see behind my back
My face be the last thing you see besides my strap
Birth takes 9 months, but with a 9 mill you die like that
So I'm looking out for number 1, the world made me selfish
Praying is fucking dumb, we all going to hell, bitch
But I'mma go on to live forever like a shellfish
Only the strong survive, preying on the helpless

We don't fucking care
Who the fuck in here?

Bars'll demolish your show tunes
Best by far with Onyx and the Snowgoons
Been tragic, my raps been magic
I pitch rocks with one arm, I'm Jim Abbott
You been slacking, what happened? I've been rapping
Gym snatching and laughing at all your men's fashion
The best is go guess
My full crep on niggas, you dressed like Mos Def
Fuck all that dumb shit
I'll rip your arms off and use them shits for drumsticks
Your mama in jail, your father is frail
Your sister a call-girl,…to sell
Sean don't know better
A whole lot of cheddar, Raekwon on low sweater
The end of the verse
Send me your purse, you bitch

We don't fucking care
We don't fucking care
We don't fucking care
Who the fuck in here?
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