Son of Hate


Save a prayer, my friend
Because everything has just begun
Like a mad man
Your sensations turn into screams

Voices in your head
Tied in your bed
Say goodbye to your lucidity

Feel the pain inside
So cold and sharp like a sword of ice
Now you pay the price
Face to face with your sacrifice

Spilling blood on the ground
The blood for your Lord
And so you live your own insanity

I am the pain and misery
Inside you
Tears won't help you here
And it's too late for you again my friend

I am the insane cure
Never forget
A nightmare in your dreams
Your screams...

Every day you die
Piece by piece your life seems to fade away
Your spirit dries
Having as your last vision the sky

Screams in your head
Poison in your brain
Welcome to the perfect state of shame

Now you go my friend
Scream to your Lord
Sing the song of death or die
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