Junkies Running Dry

Operation Ivy

I always looked up on the ones who walked away
choosing themselves over preset ways of looking at a future
that had no room for the questions they lived for
always knew i never could have walked away myself
my self worth was beyond any help
and i didn't care to test it against the rejection i had seen before
but those i loved so much they underwent a change
they're working forty hours they got caught in the game
like junkies running dry, the vulnerability
they're always there on time
we're never satisfied like junkies running dry

this wonderful generosity, a third of our lives to do what we please
doesn't look that great to me, in fact it doesn't even look fair
they call it youthful idealism
and even I would have to agree with them
except some of us grow up and its still there
I grow up too slow, I don't wanna go
but now i'm working just like everyone else
but ill get out of here!
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