White Daisy

Orange Grove

I just gotta tell you girl how much you mean to me
i know other guys have said it to you previously
but ooh girl ooh girl what you're doin ta me
ooh girl ooh girl it all feels new ta me
i just wanna treat you right i just wanna beep you right
i wanna tell all my friends you're mine and the feeling's fine we can take our time
just be true ta me, and i'll buy shoes for you
ooh girl ooh girl you're too beautiful

just want to take you with me
there you aint been already
white daisies on your belly
your sweet aroma
just want to take you with me
there you aint been already
this bee wants on your belly
don't you know now

i know plenty other guys have bought you roses
but i don't know how many of em ever noticed
you girl you girl you've been made for me
ooh girl ooh girl i've waited patiently
and i don't wanna fantasize i just wanna bite your thighs
we'll keep it steady so we don't capsize we'll grow old and wise
we'll buy family size
girl it's plain ta see, it's where i aim ta be
ooh girl ooh girl just don't be playin with me

someday soon baby
whenever you ready
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