1. 1

    Carl Orff - Carmina Burana: O Fortuna

  2. 2

    Carl Orff - Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi

  3. 3

    Carl Orff - In Taberna Quando Sumus

  4. 4

    Carl Orff - Ecce Gratum

  5. 5

    Carl Orff - Fortune plango vulnera (Original)

  6. 6

    Carl Orff - Cour D´amors: Tempus es iocundum

  7. 7

    Carl Orff - Veris Leta Facies

  8. 8

    Carl Orff - Amor Volat Undique

  9. 9

    Carl Orff - Circa Mea Pectora

  10. 10

    Carl Orff - Ecce gratum (Original)

  11. 11

    Carl Orff - Estuans Interius

  12. 12

    Carl Orff - Fortune Plango Vulnera

  13. 13

    Carl Orff - Olim Lacus Colueram

  14. 14

    Carl Orff - Omnia Sol Temperat

  15. 15

    Carl Orff - Ave Formosissima

  16. 16

    Carl Orff - Floret Silva Nobilis

  17. 17

    Carl Orff - Veni, Veni, Venias

  18. 18

    Carl Orff - Were diu werlt alle min

  19. 19

    Carl Orff - Chramer, Gip Die Varwe Mir

  20. 20

    Carl Orff - Chramer, gip die varwe mir (Original)

  21. 21

    Carl Orff - Cignus Ustus Cantat

  22. 22

    Carl Orff - Cour D´amors: In truitina

  23. 23

    Carl Orff - Dies, Nox Et Omnia

  24. 24

    Carl Orff - Dulcissime

  25. 25

    Carl Orff - Ecce Gratum (inglês)

  26. 26

    Carl Orff - Ego Sum Abbas

  27. 27

    Carl Orff - Floret Silva Nobilis (inglês)

  28. 28

    Carl Orff - In Truitina

  29. 29

    Carl Orff - Oh! Fortuna

  30. 30

    Carl Orff - Reie

  31. 31

    Carl Orff - Si Puer Cum Puellula

  32. 32

    Carl Orff - Stetit Puella

  33. 33

    Carl Orff - Tempus Es Iocundum

  34. 34

    Carl Orff - Wish Upon a Star

Circa Mea Pectora

Carl Orff

Looking through these bars and wondering why I'm here
Accused of a crime I did not commit and the police make nothing
Stipped of my rights by the words of another
Locked in a cell with my victimized brothers
In this country, the land of the free
I'm an innocent man arrested guilty
I stand accused, innocent of the crime
Not yet been sentenced but I'm already doing time
Mistaken identity, handcuffed face down
Mistaken identity, my freedom gagged and bound
Surrounded by convicted felons, locked down in this cell
What did I ver do to earn this living hell
Busted by cops in need of a collar
Eating donuts four to twelve to earn their dollar
In this country, the land of the free
I am an innocent man arrested guilty
The criminal justice system plagued with dishonesty
They should judge themselves instead of crucifying me
A pussy power trip throw me in the joint
I feel sorry for you because you're missing the point
You picked the wrong motherfucker and followed it through
Let the hammer of injustice fall on you
You have right to remain silent
Was the bullshit that he said
Put your hands where I can see them
Make one move and you're dead
To fill a quota and treat my life
Like a number or a statistic
Make once innocent youth outraged
Angry and ballistic
Chorus 2x

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