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A Burden Of Prescience


Living with principles haunted by rats in the walls
The static nature of systems impervious
Schism tendrils aggrandize in directions unpredictable
Destinations of a violent path

Ephemera withering in the blaze of an uncertainty
Temporarily conditioning links to tenable tenable paths
Constantly repeating mistakes with horrible monotony
Doomed to living out a perpetual curse

Having the foresight witnessing your own demise
Eventually dread is usurped by usurped by ennui
Enemies strengthen you allies weaken
The only enemy is the enemy of time

Live by the guidance of the knife
Sever the erroneous and incomplete
Now it has reached the pinnacle
For it ends here

Prescient visions of domination
Tyrannical holds messianic hordes
Enforced quiescence suppressing revolts
Uncontainable genetic flaws
Remember the litany suffer the truth
Empires wither fanatical proof
Inert containment neglected peace
Freedoms falter as numbers increase

Amongst infinity any long term is the interim interim
The burden of prescience neuters chaos removes its strength
Contemplating insurrection unseated by martyrdom
The gift of oppression is a blessing that was born in blood

Pain is ephemeral as a whole when compared to the
Wanton brutality that collared and civilized
Intentional dominion of the toothless and the defanged
A lesson to forever be felt in the bones of mankind

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