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Drinking Song

Orthodox Celts

The clock started noon, I jumped out of bed,
I drank a cup of coffee and I walked out to the street,
It was boring sunny day, I was lookin' for some fun,
I tried to find someone so I walked into a pub

There was Lucky playin' banjo, on accordion was Jake,
We drank some beer and whiskey and pint of good old Celtic gin,
It was derby on TV, on Parkhead were a crowd,
We started watchin' game with hope that our Celts will win

We are drinkin' beer,
We are drinkin' gin,
No matter what's in bottle,
We are drinkin' everything

Then we took a short walk through the dirty streets,
And came back to the pub, for the game of darts,
Celtic beat the rangers, all the people sang & cheered,
We broke some bloody glasses, we were little bit of weird

That was ordinarily day in our smelly town,
We felt the smell of petrol and the dust between the toes,
Our eyes were chilly sparkled like a jewels in the crown,
Our hearts are always fill, doesn't matter where we go.

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