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45 Minutes


[chorus x2]
In the club 5 minutes mami looking at me
Another 10 minutes mami dancing wit me
30 minutes got her in the v.i.p
Now that's 45 minutes shorty coming home with me

[verse 1]
Step up in the spot tonight
Body shaking from left to right
Me and my peeps is feeling tired
And then i see this little cutie
Looking like a beauty queen
Something out of a magazine
Shorty making my body feign
See how long it takes shorty to come home wit me

[chorus x2]

[verse 2]
It's getting hot in here tonight
You know we feeling the vibe tonight
We bout to take off our clothes tonight
Come get in my drop top tonight
Already we left the party
Little to young to sip bacardi
We got it on the after party
Now shorty, now shorty bring it on me

[chorus x2]

Young o

[chorus x2]

Now that's 45 minutes shorty coming home with me

[chorus x2]
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