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New Again

Our Heart's Hero

I'm not sure what happens now
Do you think that we could just slow things down
Is this really how to start a conversation?
I'm not quite ready I'll admit
But I don't see the point in calling this
Any other than exactly what you've made it

Yeah some of these things I guess I'll never know
How does love fade out
Am I the reason this is over now?
We'll never be the same again
If you just move on
How can I tell you you're the only one
We'll never be the same
We'll never be the same again

And I remember when you said
We would make it last until the end
I could never win those games that you were playing
I hope you find what you're looking for
Instead of always wanting more
And learn that hearts were never meant for breaking

And when you change your mind
And realize that something's missing
You're looking for a friend
I'm sure to be the one that you can hold to
Until you run again
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