Small Talk

Ovi Martin

The sky above weeps for us
There's no comfort in the sound
Of tears falling down
You ask me why I don't speak
There's no need for small talk now
The words won't come out

Cause you and I said everything right
When love was young
And I recall every word straight from the heart

And so that's why I don't speak
Our words are much too weak
Not like they should be
So instead, ease the pain
We could listen to the rain
Small talking now

For you and I
Everything has changed since love was young
For so long we haven't seen the sun
And we should try to compromise
What's left inside
Cause love these days has turn into
Small talk, it's true

You're asking me to stay
The rain will go away
But in my heart I feel it's time for me to go away
Don't tell me that I'm wrong
I never been that strong
I gave us time but still somehow
We never found the way
How many times I've prayed that our love would stay
But in my heart I know
It will be small talk from now on
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