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Summa Imperii Satanae 666


The darkness involves my soul,
Endless images grow before my eyes
Sepulchral smells involve atmosphere,
There is darkness in every place...

Sullen vociferations echoing through the abysmal darkness
I feel a spectral melacholy wich rules this sabbatical night
Whispers go through the shades, ancient voices
Voices which must be venerated
Which beg sacrifices...

Into the essence of all mystery...
Whispers an omnipotent voice full of wisdom,
Whorshipped for thousand years,
The ancient of the ancient ones,
The one that wander through the dawn of times
The one and only... lucifer... stella matutina...
...rises between the darkness
The fugacious bright of the supreme glory!!!

In plenilunium!!!
Vox cantare - ad sodalitium daemoniacus ...
Vox celebrare - de imperium luciferinus...
Lamentum nocturnus....
Summa imperii satanae 666
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