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De Magnum Opus Obscurus


De magnum opus obscurus
A new era was it is arriving
Prelude of a new order
The great mirror of cosmos,
Universal garden of evil souls
Reveals to me in an immortal dream,
The promise of (this) new legacy
The birth of a new generation,
Conceived under the shade of the horned moon...

The christian myths will fall, desmystifing
And dethroning the bastard son of jehovah
The veils will be torn, the spotted altars
With dishonored him blood of christ,
The great serpent of genesis will gobble
And it will dissect the whole false doctrine.

Archangelus... archangelus luciferi...
Luciferi est majorem rex universalis...

Be awaited its glorious arrival,
Its spirit travels for among the cosmos
In a great one,black solitarian cold comet
Stormy blazing spirit...

You are the great rebellion
You are the supreme domain
You are the powerful legion

The false doctrine will be broken,
A new order will settle down on the earth
The carrier of the light will spread the truth among its children,
The truth burns as the sunshine
Just the worthy of the truth to then will see it,
Its shine will obscurethe unbelievers' eyes and false
Dissecting its souls, burning them eternally.
Gloriam, gloriam, aeternum luciferi...

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