Dixieland Delight


Rollin' down-a backwoods
Tennessee by way
One arm on the wheel
Holdin' my lover
With the other
A sweet, soft Southern thrill
Worked hard all week
Got a little jingle
On a Tennessee Saturday night
Couldn't feel better
I'm together with my Dixieland Delight
Spend my dollar
Park in a holler 'neath the mountain moon light
Hold her up tight
Make a little lovin'
A little turtle dovin' on a mason-Dixon night
Fits my life
Oh, so right
My Dixieland Delight

White-tail buck deer
Munchin' on clover
Red-tail hawk
Sittin' on a limb
Chubby old groundhog
Croakin' bullfrog
Free as a feelin' in the wind
Homegrown country girl
Gonna give me a whirl
on a Tennessee Saturday night
Lucky as a seven
Livin' in heaven
with my Dixieland Delight
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