Unbreak Me

Paige Armstrong

I'm so broken down,
I've done it again and it won't be long
Til I'm caught with my defenses down,
It seems I'm not always that strong.
I'm afraid that I'm stained and what's done will remain.
You see, I've fallen and I'm calling out for help.

Here I am
I need you to save me
I need you to lift me from the ground
My heart is dying to be found
All I am
Is desperately searching
Endlessly thirsting
For your love
Would you erase the things I've done
and unbreak me

Watching the dust collect on my cold and lonely heart
If only I knew what I'd loose at the start
Cause these memories, take control of me
While I'm letting life slip by
Things have to change, this could be a new day.

And it's our broken pieces that you take and restore
When we learn to trust, you do immeasurably more.
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