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The Story Song

Paige Armstrong

I was so scared, so alone
So far away from the life I had known
The pain that I felt was darker than night
I had no idea of the fight that I'd fight

I didn't give up, cause I wanted to live
And I've done something and it's all this

Here's the story
Of how my world can crashing in
I fought the battle for life
And it inspired me to live
No one's spared to just keep silent
No one's saved to just keep still
So what's your story
And will you live it out?

I've come so far from where I've been
Hard to believe how it started back then
He's giving me dreams
He's giving me life
I promise I'll do more than just survive

I'll never give up, hold on and give in
To the greatest love there is

I know you'll live it out

It doesn't matter how sick or scared you are
It doesn't matter how deep or dark the scar
It doesn't matter how crazy, close or far
It came all to beautiful ending

What's your story?
I wanna see you live it out
It's your story
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