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Paint It Black

I’ve got a problem with the way you see
Your eyes are always trying to take something from me
I’ve got a problem with the way you hear
Only listening to the bankers and the bombardiers

But for now I’m not invisible
Sometimes I wish I was

Your stare, the weight of your glare
Pinned and mounted, but you best beware

I’ve got a problem with the way you think
Respect could keep us afloat, but you would rather sink
I’ve got a problem with the way you act
Run your mouth, confuse opinion with fact

And if I don’t make any sense to you
Well, I never really wanted to
Through fictions fed and feelings misconstrued
At least I know my aim is true
I learned to crawl, to stand, to fall
I even learned to scale those fucking walls
I learned to scream, to swim upstream
And to subsist on optimism and caffeine

Ice will melt
Seas will rise
Iron will rust
Fire will fall from the skies
Hearts will break, but ours will mend
Once we’ve spent all that we can spend
We will turn against ourselves, we will feel fear
We are a moment, and we will disappear
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