Little Fists

Paint It Black

Good morning bright eyes
I watched you while you slept
Reflecting on resolutions
Broken and promises kept
You know we’ve got to fall before we walk
We’ve got to sink before we swim
So have patience, stop checking the clock
And if someone locks you out, kick your way back in

They’ll tell you what you are, they’ll tell you what you’re not
They’ll surround you with mirrors, baby, don't get caught
They’ll reduce you, sterilize you, try to cut you down to size, too

Shine too bright, they’ll say you’re just craving attention
You’ll run the gauntlet of their smirks and condescensions
Did you run too fast? Did you fly too high?
Did you see too much with your eyes open fuckin wide?
I’d rather “yes,” be our reply
Than have as epitaph, “Too afraid to try.”

So we’ll dance like wild beasts
Charged with disturbing the peace
And when it looks like things can’t get any worse
We’ll sing until our hearts burst
No compass, no maps
We’ll find our own way back
And when things look bleak, I’ll kiss the tears from your cheek
And watch you clench your little fists in your sleep
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