Painted Black

We are the decadents, she said to me.
I believe her for I feel it too
I see in your once shining eyes
The way you rot inside
Is the way I rot inside too

We are lost decades, I said to you
You turned your back to me (that time)
In every of our anguishing tears
Lives the truth we denied
And the lies we created too

We were the masquerade for so many years
To end now empty handed and empty hearted
We are decaying…but that is not new.
Burnt down to ashes, never to be reborn

Look back into better days
Search for reasons to end the tears
The more we look, (the more) the pain stays
We were the masquerade for too many years

There's nothing much left than to rot away
Yet I give you my hand, thus we're not alone
Together we may not feel it come at all…

Stand with me in the verge of the abyss
Look at it and love it, so it will love you too
Forget the hurt. Embrace the void in which we fall.

There's nothing. Nothing at all.
We may love nothing. Nothing at all.
Decay is nothing. Nothing at all.
Embrace me while into the abyss we fall.
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