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...Is a Stupid Tale

Panic, Sky Fell!

Why do we have to break, my dear?
Everything was going so clear.
You are just another fucking illusion of my head.

So why this pain in my chest?
Like this will not close and pass.
Open your eyes and shut your mouth.
Here comes another messy cloud.

I'm drowning on the pillow.
Put my dreams in a cage.

Through the scenes I've been strong enough
and your skin to touch, brings me down to the ground.
Now I see that you were told to be dead with your sympathy.
Paint in black my eyes that saw.

Lie your head in here before
die, you stupid fucking bitch!


Stay away from me!

You won't hold me again.
You won't just turn to a friend.
Standing here I've been strong enough.
I was there, I've seen it all too much.

No! Trust you cost me a heart.
No! True has no more value.
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