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Partners in Crime


I turn on (the) TV and see absurdity
I look the lunatic people
Searching for a destiny no reason
Looking for something to
Supply them empty inside

That open like a hole
The government gives wrong models
Plunderers, thieves, murderes
Hurting the soul and the heart

You can't eat the money
The land more and more
By the greed and power
They are starting a holy war
Crushing the holy gold

The wars are continued
Suspending the lives of dreamers
Imposing what you don't want
Destroying your ideas and the winners

The religion blinded the lunatics
The lie has turned into the law
Run, run away they will catch you

Look around and see
How many people do you trust?
That you believe and fight
Can be less that you imagine
The religion is an illusion
The government power is lie
Don't be enslaved by these ideologies
Don't be enslaved by these ideologies
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