Let's Get It Started

Paris Wells

While you were sleeping she took stills
of your feet next to a throw
Right next to a box of pills she gave you
An in your sleep you slept for days
But it didn't really matter
The only thing you missed was senseless chatter
And an episode of neighbours...

She said wake up, baby
I'm missing you like crazy
I wanna put the panties on you gave me
Went to the bathroom saw the stills
On a peg next to a sink
Grab a tissue grab a drink

Let's get it started
Let's get it started*

Her eyes they opened round midnight
Used her mobile as a light
To walk along the hall an headed for the kitchen
Looked at the butter an the bread but had a Valium instead
Down the hallway back to bed...sleeeeeep

He said wake up, baby
I wanna see my lady
I want a repeat of the dance you gave me
Went to the kitchen saw the pills
Saw the mobile saw the bread
Put two fingers to his head
In pure frustration

Let's get it started
Let's get it started*

She said tell me baby
What happened to when
We'd do it till the sunrise then we'd do it again
So help me daddy our fire has departed
Tell me what to do so we can get it started

An now its Friday with some wine
I think that definitely its time
To do the dance that god intended for creation
He bought a French maid little dress
"A perfect fit"- she was impressed
Wanna know the rest
Use your imagination

Let's get it started
Let's get it started*
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