1. 1

    Parr John - St. Elmo's Fire

  2. 2

    Parr John - Restless Heart

  3. 3

    Parr John - Two Hearts (American Anthem)

  4. 4

    Parr John - Bedtime Story

  5. 5

    Parr John - Blame It On The Radio

  6. 6

    Parr John - Come Out Fightin'

  7. 7

    Parr John - Dirty Lovin'

  8. 8

    Parr John - Do It Again

  9. 9

    Parr John - Don't Leave Your Mark On Me

  10. 10

    Parr John - Don't Worry 'bout Me

  11. 11

    Parr John - Everytime

  12. 12

    Parr John - Ghost Driver

  13. 13

    Parr John - Heartbreaker

  14. 14

    Parr John - It's Startin' All Over Again

  15. 15

    Parr John - Killer On The Sheets

  16. 16

    Parr John - King Of Lies

  17. 17

    Parr John - Love Grammar

  18. 18

    Parr John - Magical

  19. 19

    Parr John - Man With A Vision

  20. 20

    Parr John - Naughty Naughty

  21. 21

    Parr John - Revenge

  22. 22

    Parr John - Running The Endless Mile

  23. 23

    Parr John - Sarah

  24. 24

    Parr John - Scratch

  25. 25

    Parr John - Somebody Stole My Thunder

  26. 26

    Parr John - St Elmos Fire

  27. 27

    Parr John - Steal You Away Flight Of The Spruce Goose

  28. 28

    Parr John - The Story Still Remains The Same Vices

  29. 29

    Parr John - This Time

  30. 30

    Parr John - Treat Me Like An Animal

Bedtime Story

Parr John

She turns you on, from across the floor
You're tracin' every move she makes, on her way out the door
You'd sell your soul just to know her name
The feelin' that she gives you, is somethin' you just can't explain

You're tellin' me you fantasize, about her lacy underwear
No I don't have to fantasize, I ought ta know 'cause I was there

She's my favourite bedtime story, she's my once-upon-a-time girl
I used to know her all by heart, every curve an' every line
She's my favourite bedtime story, she's a fairytale I can't forget
I still wake up in a cold sweat, she's the girl I can't forget

She smiles at you, then she looks away
You're chasin' off in hot pursuit, it's a game that she plays
That livin' doll is no amateur
Each move was calculated to make you fall in love with her

But all too soon I realized, her happy endin's aren't for long
That mornin' when I rubbed my eyes, my piece of paradise well she was gone

(chorus) - I can't forget

You're gonna find out for yourself, everything I said was true
You'll be tellin', you'll be tellin' me
The same old story I've been tellin' you


You're tellin' me you fantasize, about her lacy underwear
No I don't have to fantasize, I ought ta know 'cause I was there

(chorus) - I can't forget...

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