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When The Sun Rises


I will find a way
In my dreams I see beyond
So far, so fake and so unreal

Do you still remember?
In my mind it was so clear
I woke up and lose again

I still want to find a way
(Your lies are blocking me)
And I will fight against the wind

In the dark of night
Shadows dancing in front of me
It's time to look beyond this dream

The death is close to me
I am not afraid of him
I hold my breath and just move on

I still want to find a way
(The truth I have within)
And I will fight against the wind

Sun rises
On and ond again
Shining on a brand new day
A brand new day
Enlighten your soul, breathe out the pain

Walking on the path
Searching for my pot of gold
Guided by the winds of change

There goes the setting sun
Leaving us when winter comes
Time to fall in love again

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